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Lake Arrowhead Tunnel Tours

Rim of the World Historical Society will host our 2023 Lake Arrowhead Tunnel Tour. This fascinating tour, which can include being in ankle-deep water as well as having rocks and debris to climb over, will be given on various dates throughout the summer. Have you ever wondered what is at the bottom of the lake and how it was made? If you’re a curious historical society member here’s your opportunity to have some of your questions answered by people who know what they’re talking about! The tour will feature “what’s under the lake”. Everyone knows what the lake look like from but what “lies beneath” will be quite interesting.

The tickets are only available to historical society members and the fee is $35 per person.

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These tours are limited to Rim of the World Historical Society members on a first come basis. The society membership will be advised when the tickets are ready for purchase on our website.

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