Mountain Mileposts – Crestline


Mountain Mileposts – Crestline
Paperback Edition
by Russ Keller (Author)

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This book contains all of the Mountain Mileposts columns on Crestline and nearby communities that I wrote during the 15 years I wrote these columns for the newspapers the Crestline Courier and the Mountain News. I began writing these columns in 2004 and continued through 2018. I was preceded by the founder of the Mountain Mileposts columns my good friend Roger Hatheway. He began writing the column on a full-time basis in year 2000. During the time of writing this column I have accumulated a large collection of San Bernardino Mountain postcards and photos. Many of these have been published in the Mountain Mileposts. This has allowed me to author or co-author four books on the San Bernardino Mountains. I have also been privileged to provide photos to numerous other authors of our mountains. Additional miscellaneous photos on each chapter page and other locations were for future unwritten columns requiring a bit more research. Photos included in this book are significantly better than those in the newspaper. All columns were numbered starting with number 1. The date each column appeared in the paper is recorded after the column number. I hope you will enjoy going back again in time with me as you read this book.

The following have contributed numerous wonderful photos to  my collection. Clarendon ‘Dirty Don’ Foster, John C. Gray, Gary Jacobs, John & Susan Andresen, Roger Hatheway and lastly ebay.

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