Images of America – Crestline


Images of America – Crestline
Paperback Edition
by Rhea-Frances Tetley (Author)

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Before the word “resort” was applied to them, all the communities of the San Bernardino Mountains boasted a wild and woolly lumberjack lifestyle. But soon, efforts to take advantage of the clean air, alpine vistas, and winter snows of this region–just a few hours away from Los Angeles–led to a new kind of development. The town of Crestline, while possessing striking scenery, was also essential in the creation of Lake Arrowhead as the staging area for cement and supplies arriving to build Lake Arrowhead’s dam. An outpost in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, today’s Crestline is a year-round resort and residential community near the popular Lake Gregory, built during the Depression and now part of a county regional park.

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