Milepost #960

January 29, 2020

By Ken Brafman, Image from Ken Brafman Collection

SNOWY MOUNTAIN MEMORIES: Tourists from around the world come to our mountain for its beauty, recreation and relative tranquility. To “get away from it all.” The rest of us folk are either natives, or transplants. If you’re not a “snowbird” then the common bond that joins us all together is: Snow. This week’s image shows a significant snowfall that occurred circa 1940’s at Weber’s Market in Top Town Crestline. The store is visible only by means of the path shoveled through the snow. Most snowy memories become happy ones. Santa’s Village opened to the public in Skyforest in 1955, providing a winter wonderland of memories for over 40 years. We have world-class ski facilities as well as private resorts that offer snow play, such as Arrowhead Pine Rose in Twin Peaks. Wherever there’s “un-level” snow you may find a kid or ten sporting a brightly colored saucer sled. Mountain folk love to share snow stories. Fondest memories are those that involved missing school. Locals such as Princess Beth said she missed school for two weeks in 1979. No cable so lots of time for snow play! Barbara added that when her family drove through Blue Jay at that time there were berms the height of two stacked trucks. Steve stated that there was no power for two weeks, and he remembers being able to walk onto the roof. Valerie remembers that snow fell through Mother’s Day that year (which is a typical piece of advice we give to mountain newbies). Readers relate seeing only the tips of stop signs peeking out, and accessing their homes via the second story window. John says he remembers, as a kid, shoveling snow taller than he and seeing the wind blow the roof off a house. And Shirley remembers her mom sending her to their next-door neighbor, as they didn’t have a carrot for the snowman.

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