Milepost #948

November 7, 2019

By Ken Brafman, Image from Ken Brafman collection

PINE ROSE: We featured Twin Peaks and its history in a column earlier this year. The area first became known as a strawberry growing region. The abundance of flat terrain coupled with the right climate made for many successful harvests. The lay of the land also encouraged gradual development. Campgrounds sprang up and the U.S. Forest Service built its headquarters as well as housing. In 1916 Strawberry Flats petitioned to get its own post office. There was already a town named Strawberry so Twin Peaks was chosen, celebrating its two distinctive peaks. This week’s image is from a photo postcard and shows an early street scene. In the foreground is Switzer’s Store, circa 1930, along with the post office. As the town grew cabins were built around the storefront. After the store and post office burned down in 1948 Fred and Helen Dowd made a deal with the forest service to lease the existing housing. They named their new resort Arrowhead Road Resort to capitalize on the fact that Highway 189 was the only driving route to Lake Arrowhead. The resort grew in size and amenities and when Fred Dowd passed away in 1989 the couple had run the property for some 40 years. David and Tricia Dufour purchased the resort in 1993 and are the present owners. “Pine Rose” is a sentimental name for the cones produced by a type of cedar which is growing in front of the office and resembles rose petals. For over 20 years the Dufours have lovingly developed Pine Rose. Besides the many well-appointed cabins the expansive grounds include a swimming pool and spa; two different sites for weddings; a recreation area with numerous sports and activities; and trails and ponds for the adventurous. Nearby Strawberry Lodge is a 7-bedroom luxury cabin which can accommodate 19 guests. The resort is pet-friendly and offers a fun, family-oriented atmosphere.

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