Milepost #920

April 25, 2019

By Bill Pumford, Image from ROWHS Collection

TITLE: CAMP FLEMING: This week’s image is a photo of Camp Fleming from the early 1920’s. In March of 1922 Ray S. Turner contracted to have a lodge and 100 cottages built for an estimated cost of $50,000. The cottages were to be a mixture of one, two and three rooms. The initial camp also offered auto camping where vehicles were charged $1 per night per machine and free for day use. Camping parties enjoyed free light, water, tables, firewood, cook stoves and ovens. In 1923 Ray Turner had 75 more cottages and a large dining hall built to expand operations at Camp Fleming. The camp was named after James Fleming who operated a saw mill and lumber company during the late 1890’s and early 1900’s in what was then Little Bear Valley. Over the next several years Camp Fleming expanded their operation to include 200 cottages and a grocery store. The grocery store allowed people the option to cook for themselves. Ray Turner was a member of the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce and heavily advertised Camp Fleming. In the late 1920’s the camp, located in Fleming Grove, advertised a capacity of 500 people with sewerage, hot and cold water, boats, dancing and stores. The lodge dining offered club breakfasts, special luncheons and table d’hote dinners (multi-course meals at a fixed price with only a few selections). Ray Turner himself was a business man who lived in Beverly Hills, California. By the early 1950’s he had retired from the resort business. He died in 1957. Camp Fleming was located near where Fleming Creek enters Lake Arrowhead near the intersection of 173 and Kuffel Canyon Road. Today nothing remains of the camp, having been replaced over the years by homes and condominiums.

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