Milepost #906

January 10, 2019

By Bill Pumford, Photo from ROWHS Collection

TITLE: ALPINE TERRACE RESORT: This week’s image is taken from a photo showing the Lodge of the Alpine Terrace Resort located in Twin Peaks. As some of you may recognize, this is the current Antlers Inn. In 1923 Gregory Dexter decided to purchase lots in the Twin Peaks area and build cabins to rent. The land development business was booming on the mountain and the Dexters wanted to take advantage of the boom. Three cabins were initially constructed and were quickly rented. In order to attract visitors a dance floor was built outside and was, for a time, quite the attraction. The Alpine Terrace Resort was built by Gregory Dexter in the 1920’s and consisted initially of the Lodge (completed in 1925), 18 rental cabins and a dance floor. Lumber for the construction of the lodge came from a recently burned out area in Running Springs. Greg’s wife, Julia, ran the resort. The Dexter family lived in Cabin #6 shortly after completion of its construction. In 1925 a school was needed to support the children in the area. After finding the minimum requirement of 11 children the state approved the school which was housed in one of the Alpine Terrace Resort cabins. The Dexters received $10 per month for compensation which was well worth it to the Dexters to have schooling so close. An advertisement in 1947 in the Los Angeles Times offered a Labor Day Weekend special at the Alpine Terrace Resort where one could get transportation and a cabin for $17.50. Quite the bargain. By this time 24 cabins were available for rent. A 1951 advertisement offered these cabins for $30 per week. The promotions most often cited dining, dancing and cabins in a scenic mountain setting. In 1968 the Alpine Terrace Resort was renamed Antlers Inn. Twenty cabins are still available to rent.

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