By Bill Pumford, Image from ROWHS Collection

TITLE: SAN MORITZ LODGE: Over the past nearly 100 years changes in names and location have brought the popular San Moritz Lodge to its present location on the eastern shore of Lake Gregory. In the early 1920’s the Arrowhead Valley Club was formed. The term “Club” usually refers to a membership-based corporation or company that entitles members to enjoy the use of a lodge and recreational facilities. After the creation of Valley of the Moon Lake in Crestline, a lodge was built for the Arrowhead Valley Club and by 1933 it had become the Valley of the Moon Lodge, after the new corporation. In 1939 new articles of incorporation were submitted to create Club San Moritz, with some notable figures as directors: Harry Walker, Arthur T. Gregory, Walter and Beulah Overall, John Franklin, DeForest Neice and John Nordsen. The photo above is of the Club Moritz Lodge at Valley of the Moon Lake as it appeared in the early 1940’s. In August 1950 a fire destroyed the Club Moritz Lodge at Valley of the Moon. In 1951 the new Club San Moritz Lodge was constructed for about $250,000, now located on the shore of Lake Gregory. Club San Moritz at this time had 5,000 members. During the early 1950’s Club San Moritz was managed by Glenn Holland who was also instrumental in the development of Santa’s Village. During the 1950’s and 1960’s several features were added to the area near the Club San Moritz Lodge including a 1/6th scale train, an ice-skating rink, a putting green and a driving range. In 1976 the name of the lodge was shortened to San Moritz Lodge although it was still membership-based. Limited memberships were $49 per year and full memberships ran $75 per year. There was discussion of providing recreational vehicle (RV) sites for members, but nothing ever came of that idea. The Lodge is still going strong as it nears its centennial and remains a popular venue for weddings, meetings and other events.

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