Current Board Members

2023 Officers & Directors

The 2023 Board of Directors were introduced on Dec. 3, 2023 at the 1920’s Holiday Event, from left: Duane Banner, Castulo Olivas, Chandra Olivas, Cindy Burnett, John Stephens, Bill Pumford, Ken Brafman, Marilyn Mays, Greg Naylor and Sandra Koos. Terry Ebert is not pictured.

Bill Pumford, President 909/338-3544

Greg Naylor, Treasurer

John Stephens, Vice Treasurer

Rhea Tetley, Secretary

Duane Banner, Director

Cindy Burnett, Director

Terry Ebert, Director

Sandra Koos, Director

Chandra Olivas, Director

Castulo Olivas, Director

Sheila Arnett, Director

Gary Bancroft, Director

Connie Johnson, Director

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