Current Board Members

2023 Officers & Directors

The 2023 Board of Directors were introduced on Dec. 3, 2023 at the 1920’s Holiday Event, from left: Duane Banner, Castulo Olivas, Chandra Olivas, Cindy Burnett, John Stephens, Bill Pumford, Ken Brafman, Marilyn Mays, Greg Naylor and Sandra Koos. Terry Ebert is not pictured.

Bill Pumford, President 909/338-3544

Greg Naylor, Treasurer 909/337-8210

John Stephens, Vice Treasurer 818/231-6528

Ken Brafman, Secretary 909/589-0605

Duane Banner, Director 909/337-8298

Cindy Burnett, Director 909/273-4291

Terry Ebert, Director 909/337-5174

Sandra Koos, Director 909/337-5174

Chandra Olivas, Director 909/772-0728

Castulo Olivas, Director 949/343-1537

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